Front Street Arts

A new heading in TennesseeSoul, a new website and operation.

I have enjoyed combining visual arts with TennesseeSoul stories. A sub-community is emerging of people who like art and do art. Professionalism is not the point — neither is commerce. Front Street Arts, a name dear to my past, aims to seek out the interesting and connect passion with passion.

I am thinking of an active retirement.

Bloopers & Other Less Harmless Mistakes

All Mistakes (Except a Few [Million])

Over-eager to drop this baby, I could not resist the temptation to publish it today [April 1]. Foolery comes in all shapes and sizes. Life is all mistakes, all the time: some call it evolution, some call it luck, some call it character, and some call it grace. From one fool to a world of them: laugh it off – or sweat it out.

Read it here.