Tennessee Resoundingly Rejects Progress

4 November 2008

Duped by Dirt — Again — Electorate Sees Shadow & Returns to Hole in Hills for Four More Years


I won’t continue to send this stuff, but I wanted you to know that the monster is breathing and will respond to provocation – and provoke when things are too calm. My long morning walks have proven fertile ground for the insanity (ramblings to self and self amusement) of being sane.

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O Yeah!

I Humbly Submit: The Day the Earth Stood Still

What is it about the human spirit? This year of 2008 has convinced me that I have yet substance to squander in this state. Thus, I offer a modest Web site (still with design details to resolve and content to find). It is not quite a blog – I hope not a slog. I’ll call it a jlog.

With thirty additional years as a citizen, craftsman, and family man, I pick up where I left off with Center City and PINCH in responsible abandon. I intend to make it fun again – at least for me.

So, barely begun, I give you . . . K O N G – or at least TennesseeSoul.

What does it say that today the headline in the premiere state newspaper is about the UT football coach? Have we no shame? Have we no new clichés?

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