Get Her Done!

Did anyone seriously think for a minute that I would keep quiet about health reform?

There is a limit to what we all can take. I could continue to obsess about the nice words (or lack thereof). Or I can send my exertion out into the world to sink or swim on its own. For its neglect of studied grace, I hope this quick and humble submission makes up in passion and substance.

If you tire early in your reading or are too weary of this topic, I have a recommendation. The last seven paragraphs differ from the polemics of the first eight.

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Watchful Eyes on a Texas Highway

A Tad Too Much TEXAS

For what it’s worth, I lived in Texas for a couple of years at a very impressionable age. While not regretting the experience, I did find myself being wary of my surroundings, and the people in them, more than I had before. Big Texas jokes are a dime a dozen, but big Texas talk, even in jest, gets real old, real fast.

I’ll offer a little defense of Texas to those who criticize it without any personal experience. However, it seems a bit much to defend the outsized ways of Texas to someone familiar with its ways.

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An Answer to Anselm

An Edge of Sorts

This essay, or rather this pair of essays (including “A Theology of Hope”), is for the chosen few. They will not be featured. In fact, I do not expect you – or any other healthy individual – to read them. I just want you to know that they exist should the time come when you are not comfortably settled and want an excursion through the fog in a different light.

I imagine that I will alter these two over time, but I cannot bear to read them again at this time. So they are born, expelled.

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