Star Shadows

Life with a Star

More than a chuckle, less than a belly laugh. See what humor has wrought.

For all who aren’t family members or frequent responders: As disappointing as it may be, I don’t seem to be running out of steam. In fact, the longer I do TennesseeSoul, the more I see, remember and want to say in a way that I never have before. I want to give you an opportunity to bailout of alerts about new stories. I will remove you from the notice list unless I hear otherwise from you. Thanks for taking the ride. I can’t fully convey what this has meant to me over the past two and a half years.

For you family members: No such luck! You stay on the list unless you explicitly ask to be removed – and even then I might not do it. As a family member, you are meant to suffer equally.

For non-family members who sometimes comment on stories: I am going to assume that you want to give me a few more attempts to get it right. Therefore, just like family members, you get the good and the bad ladled out until you squeal like a pig.

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