Riding the Tempest

Phases of Astonishment: Chapter 3

What species is it? I am not smart enough to classify this piece. It certainly is dissimilar to most of my so-called stories. And just as surely, it is unlikely to appeal to the tastes of many readers. Yet, I send a notice of its existence to you – if only to let you know that I still wrestle with this puzzle, wading the swamp of memory to find ties in what remains. Despite questions about this short ramble, it is, nonetheless, a part of the larger story and should not necessarily be excluded because it is less appealing or less narrative. It is, for better or worse, mostly true – even if brimming over a bit. A long, more typical two-part story, relating to Yugoslavia, Greece and Turkey, in the vein of the excursion to Rome, is in the works, needing only repeated proofreading and pruning without the meddlesome interference of better judgment.

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