Put Up or Shut Up!

Notorious Letters

While not the be all and end all, writing and art are important to the mature individuals I have known for many years. Though these two aspects of life do not seem to be pressing topics of debate in economic and social hard times, they are of interest for some and for good reason: there is a link between the standards of a time in all things and the bigger struggles of an era. Central factors in these struggles are the creative energy and direction of a people: can they be harnessed and if they can, should they be and how?

“Notorious Letters” does not refer to a juicy touch of scandal (I would be much better off if it did), but the discussion in this totally cut-loose essay does touch on legitimate questions involving creativity, how we learn, and the wholeness of human kind in our little part of the cosmos. (If that lead hasn’t killed the buzz, I don’t know what can.)

Suffice it to say, that as usual in this type of explosion, nuggets can be found – if you are willing to dig for them – and allow a few to fall randomly on your head. (Any resemblance of characteristics referred to in this piece to actual people is purely luck.)

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To the Ends of Civility

Phases of Astonishment: Chapter 4

August 1972 is a month still alive in my mind. I have, no doubt, omitted some facts and gotten some memories intertwined. Some photos of the lovely city of Lindos should be added and may be added later. I may alter this story in time, but for now this long tale is ready to be told. It is not delicate, but it is true. The youth within us lives on, though the age upon us battles to suppress it.

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