The White City: Choosing the Route to Consumerism, Paving the Way with Capitalism

by Jackson N. H. Murley

(A historical paper written in fall 2000)

New Faces, New Voices: A Greater Treasure

Collaboration is a sweet, rare experience. Often, for me at least, it is much more appealing than going it alone. Please note this very special feature. I appreciate labors of love – and very hard work – contributed to this tiny island of escape and deliberate recollection.

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Bloopers & Other Less Harmless Mistakes

All Mistakes (Except a Few [Million])

Over-eager to drop this baby, I could not resist the temptation to publish it today [April 1]. Foolery comes in all shapes and sizes. Life is all mistakes, all the time: some call it evolution, some call it luck, some call it character, and some call it grace. From one fool to a world of them: laugh it off – or sweat it out.

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