With Neighbors Like These

When Nature is Heard in Neighborhoods

Mr. Jefferson, meet Mr. Hamilton. Please shake hands, for there is work to be done.

When we have a little space of our own, we can better see and hear. We understand that it takes a lot of things to keep afloat and that one cannot thrive best alone. It takes the personal space, the learned independence, AND the surrounding protective system that enables a dynamic, but regulated, market in which prosperity and ownership responsibility are broadened and preserved.

Political theory is just that: theory. It is nothing until applied with ground, brick, mortar, sweat — and adaptation.

When we are in a boat adrift at sea, we don’t shoot holes in the boat to spite our fellows, no matter their theories. Tolerance and cooperation are not soft-hearted, do-gooder theories. Nor are watching one’s own and keeping a safe distance perversions of paradise. They are all required ingredients for independence and a less bloody maintenance of what has been and can be achieved in a life and a culture.

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