Happy Birthday, TennesseeSoul!

Four years ago this week I officially launched TennesseeSoul. I started building the website a year or so earlier, but the national election in 2008 and an abrupt economic stumble prompted me to take a leap forward.

It has been a wonderful walk for me. To the disappointment of some, I have no intention of quitting.

I don’t mean to be rude, but if only one or two close friends and family members read each of my stories, that is satisfaction enough. I certainly remember and know more than I did four years ago because of this venture. There is every reason to suspect that a few readers each month have come to the same conclusion.

Despite my best efforts to convince some friends with superior writing skills to contribute an essay, remembrance, or story, its been mostly me and some of my closest and most inspirational family members who have stepped up to play along. Hooray for the octogenarians! Without their courage and experience, we would have been denied first-hand accounts of World War II in the Pacific, Memphis life in the 1940s, Tennessee state politics in the 1950s, and hurricane Katrina.

When we get older, we are ready to start talking in ways that we have not talked before. We want our descendants to know what we are as a community — what we learned.

I think at four years old, TennesseeSoul has done that: it has given a multilayer, detailed glimpse of a community. I don’t have an ounce of shame or regret about a single subject, word, or sentiment.

Because TennesseeSoul lives, I live. It is a place of calm and reflection for me. Just an average of forty, dedicated minutes a day – along with a solid public education, a sufficient library, the liberty to ponder, and a rough journal of explorations long past – has given me this. For most average folks, fortunes are not made in giant strides but in the tiniest of disciplined steps. For you youngsters who doubt your hidden powers, this is the most important secret that I can share: it is the determined, consistent, worthy small efforts that can yield the purest rewards. Constant enjoyment is but the icing on the cake that keeps the soul salivating. Happy birthday to playing the wild with restraint absent paralyzing fear.

7 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, TennesseeSoul!

  1. I look forward to every installment. It’s a great accomplishment to have made it this far without getting completely discouraged by what’s going on around us, but knowing you are there telling the tales that should be told and reminding us of our youthful follies, accomplishments and aspirations is very reassuring.

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