Socratic Men & the Lads Willing to Listen

By a certain age, one can allow oneself only a brief time to sacrifice at the altar of illusive perfection. With TennesseeSoul, I allow myself no more than two weeks and a few readings for revision.

A year and a half ago, I was at the depths of my being. Today, miles later – 2,000 miles to be exact – I feel as though I am not yet, but nearer, to my peak as a thinker and a doer. For that, I am in no small measure indebted to Joyce, who for 36 years (34 of them legal, as of yesterday) has been my partner and TennesseeSoulmate in seeking sanity and growth.

The current feature in TennesseeSoul about Socratic men goes out to all our magnificent young men – and young women – about whom we worry so much. May you all muddle through as we older folks continue to do – and someday share how you did it.

Read it here.

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