Entirely Myself

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There is ever unfinished business.

Uncertainty is a nagging demon, inflaming doubt, tempting inaction. Calm determination and experience give us the tools to weigh importance. They give us steady balance and courage to step from shadows, beyond the captivating flatness of certainty, to practice and play in our given fields – the ones we inherit, the ones we earn. They give us the sense to discern when to venture out, when to stay home.

Never so foolish as when ever safe, never so damned as when never tied.

There are ever matters to finish – until there are no matters at all.

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2 thoughts on “Entirely Myself

  1. Vivo molto lontano dal Tennessee ma lo adoro, adoro le radici di questa gente e leggere le lettere che i loro antenati hanno lasciato, e adoro apprendere di quelle insolite avventure – apparentemente banali ma narrate con avvincente maestria – grazie per avermi incluso nella lista dei riceventi -) of course I can read english, can you read italian as well? Grazia

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